Taste Indian Foods At Its Best

Enjoy a sublime culinary journey full of splendour, richness, unforgettable & spicy flavours by tasting our multi-flavoured and colourful Indian foods prepared by award-winning chefs.


Fresh foods right at your doors

Have you ever wondered that while relaxing at your home, you can travel all across Indian states as we deliver different types of regional cuisine to your doors?


Online Food Ordering Service

Ordering foods from the place of your comfort has been easy and simple. With our convenient online ordering platform, you can order your favourites dishes with a few clicks.

Welcome To Curry Garden

Curry Garden in Kings Heath heartily greets you to our renowned Indian takeaway that focuses on attracting the customers with outstanding customer service and offers unique gastronomy of Indian cuisine. Browse through our website & have a look at our menu and place the order for the dishes you wish to taste.

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